About Me

Aaron Benjamin Joseph Harwell. That’s me. Born and raised in Memphis by way of the Harwell family. My father taught me to think, to take things apart and make them my own. That curiosity has never diminished, thanks Dad, I owe you big time.

I share this life with my amazing wife, Lori Harwell, AKA @loriharwell and our four sons, William, Nathan, Jackson and Weston. There is never a slow moment, and rarely an electronic device that hasn’t been broken, taken apart and fixed. Sons are good for that.

Along the chase I’ve earned a bachelors degree in Fine Arts : Graphic Design, and have spent the last fourteen years becoming versed in all things web. The list is long, here’s the view from the top: web development, iOS and Android planning and development, server planning and building, tuning web and database servers based on the application at hand, networking, network troubleshooting and resolution, client management and team leadership. The rest we’ll just have to talk about in person.

Thanks for listening.


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